Accumulair - Any Size. Any Time!
Made in USA  

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Supercharged pleated panel filtering media ideally suited for capturing fine airborne allergens such as dust, smoke, dander, mold, pet dander, and dust mites - attracts particulates like dust to a TV screen.

Accumulair Platinum
MERV 11 Efficiency
APR 1550
Available Sizes: 1" | 2" | 4" | 6"

  • MERV 11 Efficiency
  • APR 1550
  • Uniform pleat shape enhances dust holding capacity and maximizes air flow.
  • Up to 30-times more efficient at capturing allergens than ordinary fiberglass filters.
  • Accumulair filter material will not support the development of mold, mildew, bacteria or other microorganisms in normal use.
  • No chemicals added. Accumulair filters are chemical free!
  • Heavy duty construction frame prevents airflow bypass.
  • Lasts UP TO 3 months!
  • This product is listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories as U.L. Class 2.
  • Proudly made in USA.